Hard work and struggle are Essential in life!

“Luck is not in your hands, but the decision is in your hands! Luck can’t change your decision, but your decision can change your luck.”

Friends, it is necessary to work hard and struggle to get something and people do not want to do the same. Both achievement in any field and the art of living depends on the right knowledge about oneself. Therefore it is necessary for every person to know about his/her strengths and abilities before proceeding to fulfill his/her desires.

What actually happens is that whenever we set goals in our field, we do not estimate our strengths, abilities and capabilities, on the contrary, we become ‘over confident’. We often see that people ‘fall on their face’ because of being ‘over confident’ in any field and when we fail then blame our failure on someone else.

We do not even look at ourselves whether this mistake was ours or not? The reason for this is that we do not believe in ourselves and because of this we become weak, ineffective, incapable person. If we know ourselves we can be powerful, effective and victorious.

Scientists say that the average man uses only 20%  of his mental power. Then just think to yourself that if you are an average man then you use only 20% of your mental power and are letting the remaining power go to waste. Just imagine how beautiful and effective you can make your life if you use 50% of your mental power.

Every morning we wake up and we have a new day ahead of us. We can choose whatever day we want. Whether we spend the whole day without doing anything choosing the past, weaknesses and disappointments, or like a determined person, we can choose to do more active and productive tasks.

When we know the powers of our mind and mind, then we can remove our mentality about failures on our own. That is why we should pay attention to our mental condition by diverting attention from all the useless things and should know ourselves by examining the situations. When you know your strengths, you can move on with them.

We should never think that we are weak, keep this belief all the time and say “I can.”                                                          ” Best of luck for the New Life.”

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