A person becomes a leader when he has tremendous faith in himself.

Leadership is considered a special quality of personality which is important to reach the top in any area of ​​life. If seen, every person in the world affects each other and he is also influenced by others. Meaning that we are leading in some area, while someone else is leading us in other areas. It is clear from this that no one can escape from becoming a ‘leader’ or ‘follower’.

Today in the era of competition, the youth of the country has the will power to become a good leader. Whether the field is of politics or administration or business. In whatever field you aspire to be a leader, you must belong to that field and acquire competence, develop competence and build an impressive personality.

Remember, there is a difference between leadership and management. Management is the process of ensuring that the programs and goals of the organization are met. Whereas Leadership is all about setting goals and motivating people.

Political leaders, religious leaders, business leaders, etc. lead the group, not manage it. If you want to manage someone, you must first manage yourself. If you do this job well then after that you will be ready yourself to become leader from manager and then you will be called leader from general manager.

There are two types of leaders, one who leads others with his strong personal influence. Second, the one who sees his qualities without expressing his personal influence on others. Every leader wants his team to do well, keep climbing the ladder of success. For this he also tries but very few people succeed and others keep wandering in the darkness of failure. A good leader is one who…

  •  Only a good leader can inspire his team to make impossible tasks possible
  •    He doesn’t believe that he is different, but he considers himself a part of the group.
  •   With direction he never forgets to tell how important a task is.
  •   Be able to coordinate the activity of group members.
  •  Keep informing the team in between the progress of the work of the members i.e. keep increasing the enthusiasm of the members towards the work.
  •  Keep telling members about future plans so that they know what they are doing and why?
  •  Motivate team members to do their job honestly by providing an environment of emotional security.
  •  Patiently listen to the members first and then decide later. Good leadership is reflected in the right decisions.

 “ The ‘Leader’ becomes great not by his own strength but by his ability to make others powerful.”

By Satya

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