If we get information about the objective then it becomes easier to achieve the goal. In reality, the candidate’s ability for the post applied for is accurately assessed through the interview. Since this assessment is taken by experts in the respective subjects, candidates are expected not to give misleading answers on the basis of superficial knowledge. It would be better that while applying for the available posts, get information about the nature and requirements of that post and acquire knowledge of all the possible areas to fulfill it.

The biggest support you need while going for an interview is ‘confidence’. If you don’t have confidence you won’t be able to face the interview. Thinking and believing in yourself is the surefire mantra to achieve success in interviews. When someone has confidence in himself and moves forward with full determination, the path becomes easier. Therefore, one should enter this difficult exam with strong confidence.

Any kind of inferiority complex in your mind can stop you from reaching your destination. No matter what your personality is, you should not have inferiority complex.

Tact-tact is the magic that quickly impresses the person in front of you. Do not lose your patience, hence it is very important that whenever you go for an interview, go with a completely calm mind. There may be more than one interviewer but you do not need to panic or get discouraged after seeing so many people. Have faith in yourself and answer everyone’s questions with full confidence.

In today’s times, interviews are conducted by a team of facilitators rather than just one person. In which apart from subject matter experts, there are also psychologists. Therefore, whoever asks you a question, you should answer while facing the same direction. If someone else asks a question, do not panic but answer it patiently and answer only as much as has been asked. While answering, the facial expression should be normal and there should not be any signs of nervousness.

Whatever answers you give, they should be completely accurate, logical, factual and concise, otherwise you will create confusion for yourself. Many times language problems arise during interviews. If you do not know English and are not able to understand the questions asked in it, then how will you answer? In such a situation, while “Apologizing” to the other person, request them to please ask the question in their mother tongue, so that I will be able to answer better. There should not be any kind of hesitation or inferiority complex in this.

If you do not know the answer to the question, then instead of giving the wrong answer, it would be better to apologize and tell them that you do not know the answer to this question. Even if you are not able to answer the first 1-2 questions, you do not need to panic or be disappointed.

Instead of losing patience, try to answer the next questions with confidence. If you lose patience then due to nervousness you will not be able to answer even those questions which you know. Under no circumstances should you intentionally give a wrong answer to a question, otherwise a wrong impression may be created about you.

Generally two types of questions are asked in the interview, firstly these are not directly related to the job but through them your psychological intelligence is tested. Second, sometimes you are asked such absurd questions that you wonder whether this is even a question? But when the question has been asked, you should answer it appropriately.

You have been asked the question only for the purpose of ensuring that you are not afraid to answer. This also shows whether you have the power to take quick decisions or not. Therefore, such questions should be answered immediately.

One question is always asked, why do you like this job? In the answer you will have to tell that you have ‘interests’ in this and because of this you will be able to perform the assigned responsibilities well.

One should enter the interview only after asking and should greet everyone present there collectively. Greet again at the end of the interview and close the door softly on your way out.

“Best of luck for your Interview….”

By Satya

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