My identity is my strength!

“When you turn a lit candle upside down, its ‘flame’ always goes upwards. So many events will happen in life too, your enthusiasm, enthusiasm will be suppressed. At that time remember that like a candle in all circumstances You can face it, provided the ‘flame’ of enthusiasm and zeal is not let out.”

Due to the different level of satisfaction of each person, there is also a difference in his definition of success. I believe that a person’s success is something you, your friends and your family can be proud of and success is a series of positive decisions. If you look carefully, you will find that most of the successful people who have happened, most of the decisions taken by them were driven in the right direction and with a good purpose.

Successful people always move ahead by setting goals. Imagining success without a goal is like going on a path blindly. Until we know where a bus will go, we do not get on it, then how can we take our life on any path without a goal.

Life is very valuable. In the path of life, it is necessary for everyone to walk with a definite goal and to achieve that goal, we should work hard with all our heart. Although there are many obstacles in this path but despite the obstacles and difficult conditions, one should keep on walking on this path with patience.

Usually people set goals by being influenced by others and it is not wrong to set their goals by being influenced by successful people, but this goal should be done by evaluating their abilities. Along with this, you should also try to increase your abilities.

Along with your economic, social, family status, you should seriously consider the whole environment.

Make any decision carefully. Always keep an eye on the right direction to achieve the goal and should be sure that the goal you have set is right. Along with this, having confidence is very important for your success. Today’s young generation is quite aware and confident in every sense. She knows how to decide her own future.

Many a times, we make the mistake of thinking of ourselves as the best in everything, due to which we deviate from the fixed goal set. That’s why it becomes necessary that we understand our goal well and then start working. Whatever progress you make in life, try to connect yourself as well as family, friends and the whole country. The real progress is that which is for the family, society and the country.

Great success does not come easily, in every stage of life one has to face failure at some level or the other. You can’t escape it.

All ‘professions’ have their own merits and enjoying one’s ‘profession’ is the real life. Along with this, making new friends and moving forward in life while being happy means a lot. Therefore, whatever you do, do it only in the interest of your country, society and family and along with it make a different identity for yourself.

                                                          ( Best of Luck for The New Life. )


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