Do not take it lightly if you fall asleep while working in the office!

If you are falling asleep again and again in the middle of work in the office, do not take it lightly. This could be the beginning of a bigger problem. It is okay to occasionally feel tired or sleepy after eating a meal, but if this problem persists with you day in and day out, then it needs to be considered and fixed. Come, let us tell you why you have the problem of untimely sleep and what are its solutions.

According to experts, due to anemia, your sleep remains incomplete. Anemia occurs when there is a decrease in the number of ‘Red Blood Cells’ in the body, red blood cells that carry oxygen to other parts of the body through our lungs. Iron or vitamin deficiency occurs in anemia, due to which we feel tired and sleepy.

Exercising heavily before sleeping can also be harmful for us. Because of this, our body gets extremely tired and the brain starts getting alert signals. It becomes difficult to fall asleep after excessive fatigue, due to which sleep comes late.

Apart from this, there is a lack of water in the body due to drinking less water, which causes fatigue and irritability.

That’s why it becomes necessary that we set a time for sleeping and waking up and follow it strictly. Our body takes some time to prepare itself for each process. Therefore, if you fix the time of sleeping and waking up, then the body will not get tired and the sleep will also be full.

Dim or turn off the lights in the room at bedtime. Low light triggers the secretion of the sleep hormone “Melatin” and helps you fall asleep deeply. It is counted among the best ways to sleep and in this way we can get good sleep in less time.

We should set a task before sleeping and repeat the same process every day. Some people get better sleep by reading a book, taking a bath, listening to soft music, or eating a large meal before bed. We can also adopt any one method as per our wish and complete our sleep at the fixed time.

Food is directly related to our sleep. If we have chili-masala or heavy dinner, then there will be problem in sleeping. We will not be able to sleep peacefully due to heaviness in the stomach and various diseases of the stomach. We should eat food on time and finish eating at least two hours before sleeping and keep dinner light.

In the office, we should take small breaks during work, it will not make us sleepy. When we start feeling sleepy while sitting in the office, then we should start walking or do some work of walking. Sitting at one place for a long time makes us feel tired, which clears the way for sleep. Phone is the biggest enemy of our sleep. We should not use the phone at all before sleeping. The rays emanating from the phone and laptop directly affect our eyes and destroy our sleep. Most of the problems related to the eyes start from the phone itself. So use the phone wisely. Avoid using the phone even in the dark.

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