Be prepared to go through an interview process to get into any field. A candidate’s personality traits are assessed through interview techniques. A face-to-face meeting is a meeting that has a specific purpose through which a candidate’s qualifications are assessed and it is decided whether his/her candidature for a post is valid or not.

 In an interview, the interviewer asks some questions to the candidate sitting in front of him, through which he evaluates his candidature for recruitment, admission or promotion to a post. If the candidate meets the interviewer’s criteria, he or she is selected.

The objective of the interview is to find out your possibilities and potential keeping in mind the requirements of the organization. The skills that organizations look for in their candidates are as follows:

     * Team spirit

     * Good communication skills

     * Leadership and organizational ability

     * Problem Solving and Analytical Approach

     * Mental alertness, clear and rational thinking

     * Intellectual and moral integrity

     * Factual information etc.

It is often seen that people lose their confidence just a few moments before the interview. In such a situation, it is important to answer all the questions asked. If you do not know the answer to any question then clearly say that I do not know. This will show them that you are an honest and capable person. A good interview is the beginning of a good career and practicing for the interview not only gives you a chance to test yourself but also gives you the confidence to articulate your achievements and career goals.

Always keep in mind that the interviewer tries his best to make the interview pleasant and stress-free so that rapport can be established. Interviewers will be able to evaluate the interview properly only when the candidate is stress free and comfortable during the interview and also keep in mind that honesty, integrity, social behavior ability and intelligence etc. are some of the most basic qualities that any interviewer should look for you. The interviewer’s job is to find out all the best qualities of the candidate. Therefore it is essential that the candidate feels comfortable with the interview panel.

Usually the interview starts with informal topics like education, family background, interests, habits or anything that every candidate can answer. Once the conversation phase begins and the candidate feels comfortable, it becomes much easier for him to present himself well to the interviewer. However, there is no ‘set pattern’ of interview and the interviewer can ask any type of questions he wishes.

All the members sitting on the interview board are experts in their respective fields and are very serious about taking the interview. They conduct interviews in a conversational tone in a natural way to harass and confuse the candidates. Their objective is to assess the candidates’ reaction, behavior, confidence, visibility, negativity, interest, decision making ability and their background etc. They give more respect to candidates’ honest answers of not knowing the answer to the question rather than evasiveness and misleading. Answer. They also know that no one is omniscient. Confidence and a certain attitude are most important when answering during an interview. If the question is analyzed and a logical answer is given then the interviewer is definitely impressed.

During the interview, not only information is taken about the subject, but there should also be as much information as possible about the country, its political and geographical situation and along with contemporary topics, information about solutions to problems is also considered important. As much as intellectual knowledge is important for an interview, practical knowledge is also important. In the interview, apart from the candidate’s intelligence and behavior, his body language, attire and reaction are also assessed.

NOTE: Attractive personality and gentle behavior are considered the keys to success in interviews.


By Satya

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