If you want success, Then it has to paid!

“If your intentions are strong then there is no force in the world that can stop you from getting what you want! Start with a strong intention, believe you will get what you want.”

The special thing about life is that you come to know the importance of something only when that thing starts getting away from your life and when you start thinking positively and start taking responsibility for your mistakes then many times Circumstances also start working in your favor. If you look carefully, you will find that the decisions taken by all the successful people who have been there are motivated by the right direction and good objectives.

According to successful people ‘Achieving your goal is success.’ Successful people always go by setting goals in life! It is like imagining success without a goal. Like walking on a path with your eyes closed. Unless we know where a ‘bus’ will go, we don’t want them. Then how can you take your life on any path without a goal.

Merely accumulating material pleasures is not success. This can be an aspect of success. But they also have to see how it has been achieved. Contentment of mind is the fundamental element of success. Often one quality of successful people is it is seen that they give back to their family, society and country much more than what they achieve.

Problems and solutions come from the mind. Trying to acquire knowledge should be done with all your heart, your time is wasted in efforts made without mind, as well as you get obstacles in getting proper results. Problems are bound to happen in some form or the other. The solution of many things is not in the hands of the person. But the decision of its ‘efficient management’ to deal with it effectively is in our hands.

Who are our parents, what is our complexion, where we will be born, its decision is beyond the control of the individual. In such a situation, we can do two things, either accept that decision of ‘God’ respectfully or ‘God’ give us enough strength and wisdom to change that decision and tell people the difference between right and wrong. Often we are worried about such things which we do not have control over.

Decisions and compromises go hand in hand in life. Too many good decisions make a successful personality while a series of negative decisions lead to failure. When we have no control over the situation. Then our ‘character’ is of great importance.

Since the birth of a person’s character, it is built after every moment of decisions and agreements and it is tested only in adverse circumstances. Often a person has no control over the circumstances but how to shore up the ‘boat’ of life. It can only be decided so that the desired direction can be found.
                                                               ( BEST OF LUCK FOR THE NEW LIFE )

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