Top 5 Ways to Cultivate Your Self Esteem!

Self-esteem is a psychological concept, which develops on the basis of feelings. Self-esteem is a person’s evaluation of themselves and it can be positive or negative. You are a positive and energetic person, so live every moment of life freely.

Maintaining self respect in life sometimes proves difficult for us. There are often times in life when you have to struggle to maintain your self-esteem. Sometimes you may have to pay a big price to maintain it. Balancing every phase of life and every relationship, maintaining one’s self-esteem and running life without any hindrance proves to be really difficult at times.

If you are positive and energetic then live every moment of life freely. Adopt five ways to maintain your self-respect.

Set Goals

When you set a big goal, it shows that you believe in yourself more. While making a written plan to achieve the goal, your inner enthusiasm awakens. Every step towards the goal increases your confidence.

Experience Success

After setting a big goal, divide it into small parts. Now complete each part. This small experience of success makes you feel like a winner, so that you are ready for the next challenge.

Comparison with others

Successful people always compare themselves with other successful people. Think about your competitors, read and study their performance. A successful person, after knowing the opponent completely, they follow a plan and defeat him.

Target Price

If you value the goal you want to achieve, your efforts towards it become even greater. There are many people who are not satisfied with their job, but as soon as they get the desired job, they start performing better. That is, while setting a goal, keep in mind that how valuable it is in your eyes.


Rewards increase performance, but even after performing well at times, you may not be worth the reward in the eyes of others. It doesn’t matter if you recognize your strengths, don’t forget to reward yourself when you are satisfied with your work. What a great way to keep a self steam.

By Satya

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