Each person writes the story of his own destiny with the pen of his ‘karma’ and by his self-confidence converts even his adversities into favors. It is necessary to work hard and struggle to get something but people do not want to do the same.

The achievement of any field and the art of living both depend on the right knowledge about oneself. Therefore it is necessary for every person to know about his/her strengths and abilities before proceeding to fulfill his/her desires. What actually happens is that whenever we set the goal of our achievements, then we do not estimate our strengths and abilities or abilities, on the contrary, we become ‘overconfident’.

Often we see that be it competitive exams or any field, people fall on their face due to ‘over confidence’ and when we fail, blame our failure on someone else.

A man has strength, knowledge, intelligence, splendor everything, but if he earns his living by hard work, then surely he is deprived of such great power, in the absence of which the whole life of a man becomes in vain. Without the support of a great power like hard work, the efficiency of man becomes useless. All the great works of the world have been accomplished by hard work. Hard work has raised the great people of the world.

Therefore, hard work has an important place in human life and no work is possible without hard work. No one can make his life successful with the flight of imaginations and his imaginary idea in the world of ideas.

Scientists say that an average man uses only 20% of his mental power. Just think about yourself that if you are an average man then you use only 20% i.e. one fifth of your mental power and are letting the remaining power go to waste. So also think how beautiful you can make your life if you start using 50% of your mental power.

All the great people of the world have made their lives strong by hammering hard with the hammer. He has sown the seeds of his greatness with his own hands. In other words, when we know the powers of our mind and mind, we destroy our own history of failures. That is why we should pay attention to our mental condition by diverting attention from all the useless things and should know ourselves by examining the situations. Only when you know your strengths will you be able to move forward with them.Blaming hard work, considering it as a burden for life is our cowardice. Hard work is the key to our success. Therefore, we should also open the door of success in our life through this key.

(Best Of Luck For the New Life.)

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