“Give enough time to improve yourself that you have no time to criticize others.”

If you progress and you progress in some work, then your criticism will also be with you. Criticism is common wherever you progress. Ignoring this, you should keep moving forward.

For centuries the world has been running about good and evil and will continue to do so. Difficulties come in everyone’s life, but there are very few people who are successful in facing these difficulties. Do not be afraid of difficulties, but learn to ‘face’ them.

Some people are such that if they are told a little thing, then they become sad. But it shouldn’t be like that. Man’s mind gets spoiled due to hatred, jealousy, doubt etc. Don’t know why people do not want the interests of their loved ones for their selfish reasons.

Conversely, many strangers risk their lives for the welfare of others. This happens because that stranger has got good values. That person has a benevolent mind and such strangers are very difficult to meet.

Don’t help others to make your name famous. They help because they feel troubled by the agony of others. To solve his problem, they try to solve them to the best of their ability.


If someone praises you, you become very happy and when someone criticizes you, then you start getting nervous. Just think, in whose hands is your life? Ask yourself a question whether you are running your life on your own free will or is your life being handled by the person in front who praises or criticizes you. Whenever someone criticizes you, take it as a challenge. Criticism exposes you to your shortcomings and it is up to you how you take it.

Patient and tolerant people don’t care about such things because they have faith and love for each other and have tested each other for many years so they don’t get disturbed in the slightest. They have foresight and they know that some people will say, it is the job of the people to say.

Remember, handling situations is a challenging task, so you should strive everyday to win over it, this will give you confidence as well as your work will be better.

One thing should also be kept in mind that you should never clarify your point. Tell me clearly the mistake you made. If you repeatedly clarify your point, people will again and again ask you for clarification.



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