How Should be our first impression?

There is a saying that “First impression is the last impression.”  This still applies today. In fact, no matter how influential a person is, people come to know about these qualities later. Usually, people make up their own impressions about a new person by meeting or interacting with him for the first time.

In such a situation, it is important that whenever you meet or talk to someone for the first time, go full preparation so that he can make a good impression about you and whenever you want to meet again, you get a “positive response”.

It has been seen many times that even good books do not sell in large numbers because their cover page does not attract people. But when the cover page is attracted, then the sales of such books suddenly increase. So we are also like a book. What is the level of our knowledge, how many qualities are hidden within us, people will come to know it slowly only when they come closer.

If we can make the initial impression positive by showing ourselves to be fit on the outside. Whatever the first impression is, it remains till the last. So let’s know some ways by adopting which we can make a positive impact on the person in front. As if

# Speak the words clearly

Any word should be spoken clearly and do not show haste in speaking while talking. Along with this, pause while speaking and take a breath after every two sentences. Doing this will bring stagnation and seriousness to your talk and your voice will also become impressive, along with this your personality will look different.


# Use words correctly

Use correct sentences while talking and do not use abusive words. If you do not know the correct knowledge or grammar of a word, then there is no need to speak it. Along with this, by taking care of grammar, you will look wise and smart in the eyes of others.

# Learn to praise

Whenever you meet someone for the first time, try to say something nice in the beginning, if nothing is coming in your mind at all then you can say so much that “I have heard many good things about you.” This will make the person in front consider you a very happy and nice person. Because of which the person in front will be happy to talk to you.

# Must shake hands 

When you meet someone for the first time, first of all shake hands with him and while shaking hands, hold the hand of the other person well in your hand! By doing this, the person in front will know how confident you are.

# Show interest in the person in front

Make sure to put a smile on your face while meeting someone and nod your head at the right time while talking and keep a slight inclination towards the other person. This will give you the impression of a confident person.

# Eye contact is necessary

While talking to someone, you should maintain ‘eye contact’ with the person you are talking to. This will make it feel like you are paying close attention to what he says. Along with this, attention should also be paid to ‘body language’ to make a good impression on the person in front.

( Best Of Luck For the New Life.)

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