Life is a laboratory in which you learn something new everyday. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you do something that the world salutes, but in the true sense, the same person is able to enjoy his failure and success, who in both the situations just learns and does his work with passion.

Success is a series of positive decisions, if you look carefully, you will find that all the successful people who have been, the decisions taken by them were motivated by the right direction and good purpose. Successful people always move ahead by setting goals. Achieving your goal is success, imagining success without a goal is like walking on a path.

Unless we know where a ‘bus’ will go, we do not get into it, then how can we take our life on any path without a goal? Merely accumulating material pleasures is not success. This can be a factor in success. It will also have to be seen in that how it has been achieved! Passion is very important to achieve the goal.

Dreaming of success without passion is meaningless. It is said that if you want to be successful, then dream, but only dreaming is not enough. You must also have a strong desire to have it and an indomitable enthusiasm. Whatever you want to achieve. The urge to get it should be so much that it reaches the depths of your mind.

Keeping your goal in front, you have to try again and again to achieve it and this is possible only when you have passion in you. If you have passion then no power in the world can stop you from being successful. It is important to know here that what is passion?


Passion is that energy inside any person which gives him the courage to reach the goal by removing all the obstacles. If you think you can do something then you are right. But think with passion! Due to lack of passion, people are losing their zeal to live.

So if you don’t have passion, create it. There is a big difference between those who work and those who do with passion and the same is the difference between failure and success. Those with passion want to do something unique and their focus is always on the future. Those who believe with passion develop the ability to persevere in the face of adversity.

You have to face the challenges of life on your own and you have to decide the direction of your life yourself. If you want, you can spend your whole life in the ‘Jugaad’ of livelihood like ordinary people, but if you want to show something new, something different, then you should adopt a practical approach towards the plans and take each of your tasks as a challenge with full heart and devotion. Try taking it as a success.

Then resolve from today itself that you will create passion in yourself because passion can do wonders and passion can change your destiny!
  ( Best Of Luck For the New Life. )

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