“Your decisions determine your path to victory! Your right or wrong decisions determine where your life will go.”

Every student sets his own goal to give a right direction to his life and then with some dreams, some hopes in his eyes, he starts to achieve that goal but setting the goal is not just a formality. No goal is easy.

If your idea about your goal is not clear and if you have determined your goal just by looking at ‘Glamour’ and if your plans to achieve the goal are not predetermined then there will be many obstacles in fulfilling your dreams. Self brainstorming is very important before deciding your goal.

Choose your field by examining your personality, your thinking, your interests, your limitations and your grasp on the subject. Remember that in goal setting, copying someone, unreasonable desire to follow in someone’s footsteps or haste to succeed only takes you further away from your destination. Sometimes the day-to-day work is so much that we get upset! Because of this, many times they get away from their goal.

To be like this proves fatal for our ‘career’. If this doesn’t happen to you, you have to be alert and the easier it is to set a goal, the harder it becomes to achieve it. This 10 Step Can Help You Get To Your Goal.

  1.  First decide what you want to ‘Achieve’. If you don’t have a clear ‘goal’, then even after reading tons of books on ‘success’ and ‘hard work’, there won’t be any major ‘achievement’.
  2.  After setting a goal, a ‘proper action’ plan is needed to achieve it! Whether the goal is small or big the plan should be absolutely ‘Practical’.
  3.   To reach a goal, we have to go through many ‘Steps’. Make a list of ‘Steps’ like if your goal is to get a better job then the selection of courses, studying, developing the necessary skills can be the steps.
  4.  Set a ‘Deadline’ for each step and follow it strictly.
  5.  Read ‘Related’ Books to Whatever You Want to Achieve. Meet people who can help you and listen to their advice but use ‘common sense’ before following.
  6.   If you feel that your plan is not working then it needs to be changed immediately.
  7.  Situations change at times and the target you set loses its importance with time. It would be better if we keep re-examine our target every now and then.
  8.  Your goal should always be visible. This allows you to focus more on the goal and be alert to the ideas and opportunities related to the goal.
  9.  Take every action that gets you closer to the goal, use every resource you have.
  10.  You need to keep monitoring your progress. If you are heading towards the right goal then ‘appreciate’ yourself. Find out the mistakes if the goals are ‘missing’.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (Best Of Luck For the New Life)                                                                                                                                                   @@@

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