In today’s time, whether working people or college students, mobile phones have now become an integral part of everyone’s need. There are some good habits in life, which you have to learn from your society itself. So that you can live well in the society and everyone’s behavior towards you remains good. You can’t change your future, but you can change your habits and changing habits can change your future.

Manners not only enhance your personality, but also make you more attractive. Mobile phones are especially needed in the office, but do you use your mobile phone properly? We all talk on the phone, but do not know its specifics, such as how to call, when to disconnect the phone, with whom to talk in what tone, etc.. That’s why you must know about phone etiquette.

Keep ringtone slow:

Keep the ringtone in the office slow, as it may be sweet to you but may disturb others.

Keep the phone silent in the meeting:

If a meeting is taking place in the office or an interview, don’t forget to switch off your mobile or put it on the ‘vibrator’ as the phone coming in the middle of the meeting can make your senior look bad.

Speak in a clear voice:

Your voice should always be clear and what you say should be heard very clearly, control your voice and language on the phone as much as possible, because others are listening to you while talking on the phone in the office. As much as possible, do not do any other work while talking on the phone in the office, otherwise you will neither be able to pay attention to the matter nor on your work.

Before holding the phone:

Before putting the phone on hold, take permission from the person in front and don’t forget to press the ‘Mute’ button or else unknowingly the conversation going on this side of the office will continue to be heard on the other side. Along with this, if the person on hold is taking more time, then do not forget him, but keep asking in between if he has any problem, the conversation may take some time.

Apologize also:

If the call has been made on the wrong number, then definitely apologize for the trouble caused to the other person. Along with this, if a call comes, it is advisable to talk away from the workplace, so that other employees are not disturbed.

Once you have made a call on the mobile phone, wait for the call to arrive. Also try to pick up the phone before the third bell rings.

By Satya

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