Motivation is the desire to act in service of a goal. It is the crucial element in setting and attaining one’s objectives and research shows that people can influence their own levels of motivation and self control.

“Friends, ask yourself a question, if you cannot do any work today, then why do you think you will do that work tomorrow!”

” If you want to make a decision at some point in your life, always listen to your heart because it would have been in the left, but its decisions are always right!”

” People who are unable to motivate themselves will always live a mediocre life, no matter how talented they are!”

” Friends, suppose that a person becomes lonely due to difficulties, but only when difficulties come, a person alone learns to be strong!”

” If you want to be truly successful in life, then distance yourself from all those tasks that make you decide to travel to the destination!”

” Just as the lion takes a step back before making a leap, similarly when life pushes you back, gear up because life is ready to give you a high jump!”

” Friends, we live in a society where beauty is seen by color, education by mark and honor by money!”

” Seeing your happiness in the happiness of others is a great skill, and the person who learns this skill, is never unhappy!”

” Friends, half of life’s complaints should be removed like this, if people learn to speak to each other, instead of speaking about each other!”

” Friends, if you want to earn respect, earn money because this is the rule in the world nowadays, the more money the more respect!”

” The harder life is, the stronger you will become, the stronger you become, the easier life will be!”

” Friends, always remember one principle of life, keep the identity the most but only trust yourself!”

” Whatever you want to achieve in life, get it on time because life gives less opportunities and more cheats!”

” Your actions are your identity, otherwise there are thousands of people of one name in this world!”

” If you want to be happy, then take the decisions of life by looking at your circumstances, the decisions you make by looking at the world, they are often unhappy!”

” Behind every great success is painstaking hard work and painstaking hard work ends with great success!”

” Friends, no number is found in the test of life, if people give you a place in the heart, then you understand that you have passed!”

” Often people say talk to someone they like to talk to, but we say talk to someone who likes to listen to you!”

” Friends, you cannot change your life until you get out of your comfort zone, the change will start from the end of your comfort zone!”

” Friends, always ask yourself the question that the work you are doing today, will that work take you to where you want to go tomorrow!”

” A smart and courageous person makes his own decisions while an ignorant and timid walks the world!”

” When someone talks angrily in front of you, listen to it silently because an angry person often tells the truth!”

” If a person does not respect himself and does not feel his importance, then he naturally lacks self-respect!”

” Never doubt yourself by listening to the things of the world, because if you hope that you can do something, then believe you can!”

” Faith is a small word, it takes seconds to read, it takes minutes to think and it takes days to understand, but life passes in proving!”




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