Motivational Thoughts can Change Your Life.

In this world everyone needs some inspiration and these motivational thoughts will give you the edge you need to create your success. So read on and let them inspire you.

01. ” When dreams are not fulfilled even after working hard, then change the path, not the principle, because the tree also always changes leaves not roots.”

02. ” Stay away from negative people in life because they see problem in every solution too.”

03. ” The calendar always changes the date but on day one comes a date which changes the calendar itself. So be patient, time comes for everyone. Just keep working.”

04. ” Unsuccessful people change their decisions because of the fear of the world and successful people change the whole world with their decisions.”

05. ” While rising high, treat people well because if you ever come down, you will be in front of these people.”

06. ” Let’s assume for a moment that the decisions written in fate do not change but if you take the decisions, do you know that only luck can change.”

07. ” God doesn’t give you what you like but what is good for you.”

08. ” Achieve whatever you want in life, just take care that the path to your destination should never pass breaking people’s hearts.”

09. “Life is a test most of the people fail because they imitate others. They don’t understand that everyone’s question paper is different.”

10. ” Make so many stone hearts in this mean world that no one’s coming and going in your life makes any difference to you, if you keep a wax heart, then the world will cry.”

11. ” Never be away from your loved ones for dreams in life because without loved ones dreams have no value in life.”

12. ” Don’t take so much advantage of someone’s goodness that it compels them to become bad, remember that bad always becomes what has been broken before becoming good.”

13. ” You have to be powerful not because you can suppress anyone, you have to be powerful so that no one can suppress you.”

14. ” Man should never give up because the river that came out of the mountains has not asked anyone on the way till today, how far is the sea.”

15. ” Give importance to everyone in your life because those who are good will support and those who are bad will give a lesson.”

16. ” Difficulties come only to the best of people because they are the ones who have the power to make them happen in the best possible way.”

17. ” Only those who have seen your struggle know the value of your success. you have very good luck for the rest.”

18. ” How right and how wrong are you, two people know everything about you. First, God and Second, your conscience and surprisingly, we do not see both.”

19. ” Difficulties in life do not come to ruin us but it helps us to come out our hidden strengths and powers, let difficulties know that you are more difficult than that.”

20. ” Many people fail even after having passion because they waste time thinking that there is a lot of time, i will start tomorrow.”

21. ” People want to be successful but when the opportunity comes to do something, they do not dare to change themselves because they spend their life looking for good opportunities.”

22. ” Do whatever you want to do in life, do not think what people will say because people say something even when you do nothing.”

23. ” Let’s assume for a moment that we don’t change the decisions written by fate but if you take the decision, you know only luck can change.”

24. ” Before misunderstanding someone, try to understand his condition once, let us assume that we can be right but only by being right, the person in front will not be wrong.”

25. ” Make every moment of life happy because every evening not only the sun sets but your precious life also sets.”

26. ” It is written in the Gita – if you like someone good, then it is not that good but you are good because you have an eye to see the good in them.”

27. ” No matter how many good books you read in life, no matter how many good words you hear but unless you adopt them in your life, it will be of no use.”

28. ‘ Never be too dependent on anyone in the world because when you are in someone’s shadow, you do not see your own shadow.”

29. ” In the race of life, those who cannot beat you by running, try to defeat you breaking them.”

30. ” Good and true relationships in the world can neither be bought nor borrowed, so give importance to those who value you.”

31. ” Value money and relationships equally because both are difficult to earn but very easy to lose.”

32. ” You cannot change people’s perception of you even if you want, so live your life with ease and be happy.”

33. ” The most powerful person in the world is the one who dose not stop helping people even after being deceived.”

34. ” The introduction of a human being may have started with the face but his complete identity is only through his speech, thoughts and actions.”

35. ” Trust someone so much that he feels guilt while cheating on you and love someone so much that there is always a fear of you in his mind.”

36. ” When someone speaks in anger in front of you, listen to him with silence because angry person often speaks the truth.”

37. ” Who will meet you in life, it decides the time and who you want in life, it decides your heart but who will stay with you in life, it will decide your behavior.”

38. ” Be so busy in life that there is no time for regrets, sorrows, hatred and remember one thing, empty people are the most unhappy in life.”

39. ” A person should not be defeated by himself, no one can defeat him. So get up, work hard and start a great life.”

40. ” Only the person becomes great in the world, who makes himself valuable by hard work. A person does not become great who gives up after seeing trouble, so work hard, make yourself valuable, only then you will become great.”

41. ” Those who work hard continuously don’t get quick results but in the end they get thousands of times better results than others. So keep working hard in the right direction, the final result will be in your favor.”

42. “Often dreams of those with strong intentions do come true one day, otherwise more than half of the people’s life is spent cursing luck.”

43. ” In today’s world, those who tell the truth are most hated because not everyone has the courage to hear the truth.”

44. ” Life is very short, whether you live laughing or crying, you will have to live in any situation and if you have to live in any situation, then why not live life happily.”

45. ” If you just waste your time on unnecessary things, then believe me you were not born to do anything big.

46. ” The easiest thing in the world is to lose faith, the hardest thing is to gain faith and even more difficult is to maintain faith.”

47. ” A habit of time is very good as it passes. A successful person may not be happy but a person who is happy definitely becomes successful.”

48. ” There are some relationships in life which are not attached to any position or prestige, they are based only on the foundation of affection and trust.”

49. ” Granted, you cannot change someone’s fate but you can guide someone by giving good inspiration. God says that if you get a chance in life, make a charioteer, not selfish.”

50. ” No matter how many difficult situations come in life but never give up because no one can tell when and how whose time will change.”

By Satya

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