THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS. “Life tries the one who knows how to walk at every turn. Everyone smiles after getting something, life belongs to the one who knows how to smile even after losing everything.”

People who truly make a difference in your life. They are neither very wealthy nor do they have many awards. They are people who really love you. Support you in every small and big trouble and take care of you! Such people are the most important thing in your life. These people become the reason for your better life.

We all look for happiness and run after them but most people do not know what happiness is and where it lives. Knowingly or unknowingly, we ourselves are responsible for our being happy or not. If our focus point is negative things then of course it affects our life.

Being cheerful not only increases your popularity in the eyes of others but also makes you feel refreshed from within. With such a mental state, when you do your work, you can give better performance there too. Being happy depends on your state of mind, which you should develop the art of achieving! Being happy depends on how positively you approach your circumstances.

Being happy does not mean that there is no sorrow in our life. Being happy is an art and the one who learns it enjoys life in any case. When we smile, people connected with us will also be seen laughing.

To maintain our happiness, we need to make the environment around us happy. When we do this, life will automatically become easier.

As long as we continue to be troubled by external causes, our miseries will continue and we will continue to feel helpless. Life is very short if it is lived happily, but if you live with a sad heart, it will look as big as a mountain.

Happiness grows only by sharing, so it is important that we include others in our happiness too. It is our nature to be happy when we throw out all the ‘uncomfortable emotions’ from inside us then all that remains is happiness.

Sometimes there is happiness in life and sometimes there is sadness. Seen from a spiritual point of view, both are troublemakers. Sometimes by getting caught in the attachment of happiness and sometimes sorrow, we forget that both of them are bound by time.

When there is time for happiness, there will be happiness and when there is sorrow there will be sorrow. Our whole life passes between having it and not having it. The windows of our mind that we keep closed are the biggest wall between us and happiness.

Real happiness is that which comes from within us and is not attached to external things. You can give people their freedom but you cannot give their happiness.

The way to be happy is to find ourselves, we don’t need to go anywhere to find someone. He is within us, just need to find him.

    ” Smile, It increases your face value.”

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