If you want to do something in life, then you have to get out of your ‘comfort zone’ and make changes in your normal ‘routine’. As long as we stick to the old things, it will not be possible for us to learn anything new.

Purpose is very important to live life. Without purpose our life has no meaning. A goal determines the direction of our life, we keep trying continuously in the hope of achieving it. For this, we suppress our petty desires and sometimes even ignore the feelings of our close ones! After doing all this, if our effort is successful then life seems successful, otherwise this defeat keeps cursing us throughout life.

There is no doubt that there are challenges in life yet we face these challenges with positivity. Along with this we live in the hope that this is the will of ‘God’ too. It is the challenges that teach us the complexities of life and the way out of it.

When we close our eyes and remember our childhood, we remember the days when we used to live happily without tension, without caring about right and wrong. Wow, what a day that was. When your eyes open you find yourself bigger and see that you have responsibilities. Let’s start thinking of everything in a mature way.

These things start coming in your mind when you feel that there is no other way to make our life like before.

Often there are some moments in our life when we become depressed and at such times neither we see nor understand anything and by drowning in this despair we disturb ourselves more. Let’s take it. In order that this disappointment does not dominate our life, we should know the reasons for the disappointment and try to remove them. To remove disappointment, we should write down our troubles on a paper and try ourselves to overcome them. For this we need to believe in ourselves.

Along with this, the laws of nature should not be forgotten because God has strengthened you to fight the really difficult situations by giving difficulties in your life and seeing the ‘failure’ in your life really makes you ‘ God has shown you the way to ‘success’. By giving you the opportunity, God has really favored you because God has his own way of helping you.

He is present with us in every single moment of life and He keeps on showing the direction of the right path in the darkness of our life. It is up to us how far we go on this path to achieve 100% satisfaction. For which we are working hard in our life.    

   ” Every work done in the right direction leads us to success and success only gives us happiness.”


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