Understand the importance of time!

“Time is very important to be successful in any field, the one who understood the importance of time got everything.”

Friends, don’t let a single moment of time go to waste because life is made by time.
Importance of 1 year – ask the child who has failed in the exam.
Importance of 1 Month – Ask a mother who has just become the mother of a child.
Importance of 1 week – Ask the journalist who has worked hard to publish articles in 1 week.
Importance of 1 hour – ask the worker who has worked hard.
The importance of 1 minute – ask the child who wants to go to play.
The importance of a second – ask the person who got injured by the car.
The importance of a small second – ask the man who is touching the ribbon of the athletics race.

  It is said that wasting time means wasting life. Have you ever noticed, friends, why only a few people are able to succeed in the race of life, while everyone has made efforts at their level. The reason is clear that the people who completed all their work in time, they went ahead, some of them keep putting their work on today and tomorrow, they could not know the importance of time. That’s why they slowed down. Maybe that’s why they couldn’t move forward. Guys this is my personal opinion.

Remember, people who complete work on time are always in profit and they are also happier than others.                              
                                                         ( BEST OF LUCK FOR THE NEW LIFE. )
                                                                                       * * * 




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