The world is set on hope!

“The more you expect fate, the more it will disappoint you. The more you believe in ‘karma’, the more it will give you more than you expected.”

Today’s “Topic” has been written for a very special reason which is very important for the youth, who get distracted when they face the slightest problem. Therefore, it is urged to the youth that to be successful in any field, it is necessary to be optimistic along with hard work and dedication.

Success is not achieved only by working hard by setting goals, but for this it is necessary that in spite of failures there should be no loss of ‘josh’. Have faith in your own abilities and have faith in your mind that no matter how many difficulties may come, but the destination will surely kiss our feet one day and in such a situation the destination will be very close to you.

There is an old saying that “The world survives on hope.” In fact, not only the world but our entire existence is affected by it. Parents nurture a child in the hope that one day he will become worthy of being proud of him. Students give exams, so they have only hope that they will pass with good marks. That is, hope is also associated with hard work everywhere.

Hope saves a person from negative thoughts. It is possible that the result of any work or hard work may not turn out as per your expectation, but if you are optimistic, then you will get back to your work with double enthusiasm while avoiding negative thoughts! Most of today’s youth want instant success. Failure doesn’t make them disappointed. Negative thoughts dominate their mind so much that heart and mind do not work together.

They do not get comfort or such education from family members that ‘No problem next time you may get success.’ In fact, the opposite happens that the son or daughter of such a person has reached there and you look at yourself.

Actually such situations are very fatal and youth instead of trying twice with enthusiasm take suicidal steps, so family members are urged not to talk negative things like this to the youth.

If one’s part fails even after hard work, it does not mean that he lacks dedication and self-confidence or that he did not have the power to achieve his goal. Actually many circumstances are responsible behind success.

Your failure makes you realize that something is missing in you. If you get it right, no doubt you’ll have a smile on your face next time. But this can happen only when you are optimistic and despite the failure, there is no dearth in your spirits.

Friends, if the whole world leaves your side in difficulties, then your failure is not certain, but your failure is certain when you sit down with your hands in despair.                                                                  “Best of Luck For The New Life.”

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