Do dreams come true?

“Dreams come true only when hard work is done day and night to make dreams come true. Otherwise life passes just after dreaming and no dream is fulfilled.”

Come friends, let’s try to know whether dreams come true or not. The biggest secret of life is that some people get success very easily, while many people do not get it even after hard work. The truth is that every successful person has some special quality and ability. But the more special thing is that he is a good dreamer, all the desires of his life are associated with his dreams. Nothing can be attained until an idea is born about it. Unless a dream is born about that thing in one’s mind.

Dreams are the mirror of the future. Every successful person has some dreams in their mind to make their life better. There is hope for a better future, they have some premonitions in their mind and they do everything in that direction. Willpower works to encourage you to make any dream come true.

Our will power drives us to dream. Then as dreams develop inside us, a clear picture of life and future starts emerging in our mind, then we start thinking in that direction how to make those dreams come true.

Real achievements in life are achieved only by efforts, on studying the life of any successful person, we will find that he had a dream and worked hard to make that dream come true.


By dreams, we mean to determine the future of ourselves and the society. From the lives of these successful people, we get to learn that the most important formula for success is to make the best use of our abilities and resources and there must be a definite purpose behind it. If we want to shape our future, it is necessary to plan for it. Many consider it useless to plan for a career or future, because they believe that they will get what they want. There is only remorse on the part of such people who sit on their hands.

Increasing your mental stress by worrying will neither help you in achieving achievements nor will it make life better. Only by finding solutions to problems, facing challenges and having faith in yourself will you be able to move forward on your path to success.

Today’s era is the age of competition, it is heard everywhere. But it is also true that there are plenty of opportunities for hardworking, passionate and determined people.

That’s why friends, success is not the heritage of some people. Every one of us can make our dream come true by adopting the basic-mantras to achieve success.

                                                              Best Of Luck For the New Life.)         


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