Remember the facts of life!

“This is life, friends, it will show many colors. Sometimes it will cry and sometimes it will laugh, the one who tolerates the silence will shine and the one who gets carried away by emotions will be shattered.”

This is the truth of life, never got what you wanted and never thought to get. Never got what I thought and didn’t like what I got. What is lost is remembered, but what is found is not handled, what a strange puzzle this life is, which no one knows how to solve. If you ever have to compromise in life, it is not a big deal because bending is the one who has life, stout is the identity of the dead.

There are two ways to live life, first – learn to have what you like and second – learn to like what you have. Life is not easy to live, without struggle no one is great, unless there is a hammer injury, even a stone is not a god.

Life teaches a lot, sometimes makes you laugh and sometimes makes you cry, but those who are happy in every situation, life bows before them! Steal every sorrow from the smile of the face, Speak a lot but hide nothing. Never get angry with yourself but convince everyone. This is the secret of life, just go on living, this is the truth of life.

No matter what background you belong to, there are bound to be obstacles and hurdles in life. In everyday life, big or small problems come with everyone. Often some problems seem to be impossible to get out of, but in reality they are not. Always deal with problems with a positive and calm mind.

If we find the solution to our problems on our own, then we will also understand our problems and the way to get rid of them will also be clear. The best way to find the solution to our problems is to introspect and ask ourselves in solitude, what could be the reason for our problems? Often such a fact affects our life which is necessary to know. As if

# Life is full of ups and downs, get used to it.

# Happiness and sorrow come without ‘appointment’, for this one should always be mentally prepared so that there is enthusiasm in happiness and consciousness in sorrow.

# No matter how bad the relationships are, don’t break them because no matter how dirty the water is, if it can’t quench thirst, it can quench the fire.

The beauty of life is not in how happy we are, but in how many people are happy with us.

# Remember the three things in life that make you a great person of one.
1. Hard Work

# Never break four things in your life:

Because when they break, they don’t make any noise but give a lot of pain.

# If someone feels that they have never made a mistake in their life, then it means that they have never tried anything new in their life.

# Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself.

# Don’t compare yourself to anyone in this world! If you do this, you are insulting yourself.

                                                              ( BEST OF LUCK FOR THE NEW LIFE. )

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