“My father says look after your happiness, see the pain of others first and let him not have any trouble. My father has taught me to work honestly and not to be distracted by difficulties. He has taught not to expect from anyone. Keep it up, be happy.”

Life is not always the same. Every level has many ups and downs and it is our mistake to always hope for success in the midst of those ups and downs. This is the reason that a person learns something from every turn of life, whether he gets success or failure.

Despite our efforts to move ahead in life and making proper action plans beforehand and having faith in our own abilities, failure is an unbearable event in itself. But if we focus our attention on our failures, then we will find that not taking cooperation from anyone and having excessive self-confidence is one of the root causes of failure.

The spirit of mutual cooperation is necessary for one’s own progress, development, fulfillment of essential elements in life and for maintaining an effective personality in every field.

The spirit of giving and taking cooperation motivates one to face various problems and challenges. While adopting our positive attitude towards cooperation, it is necessary to first decide from whom we have to take cooperation or whom to cooperate to move forward in life. Then accordingly we should proceed with our action plans.

Sometimes we take a negative attitude towards cooperation and assume that we do not need people’s cooperation. We are not so weak that we have to depend on others to get our work done. Such negative and inferiority complex thoughts of ours towards cooperation are a hindrance in our own progress.

There is no doubt that in every sphere of life whether it is home or outside social work or religious, general work, a particular person is unable to complete and succeed in it alone without cooperation because where man has access there is Cooperation is expected. In such a situation, we establish our relationship with many people, but after some time we start to feel that he is not our ally but directly or indirectly obstructs our work.

When we fail, encouragement, morale boosting, patient support are helpful for our progress. This kind of support inspires us to move forward, keep working and keep trying.

 This cooperation increases our fallen morale in the struggle and cooperation not only controls our situation but also gives us strength!                           
                                                               ( BEST OF LUCK FOR THE NEW LIFE.)

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