Release stress and live happily!

“Two conditions are necessary to be free from suffering, trouble and stress. First, to be seen and accepted as it is and second, to be confident that every adversity can be turned into favor.”

Stress is like a distraction in a person’s life which brings nothing but obstacles in the life of a person. The pressure of work is there on everyone, but the person who bears this pressure by laughing, stress never becomes a hindrance in his life. With the changing environment, the lifestyle of people has also changed drastically and it is common to feel stressed in the race of this competition.

The most effective way to stay stress free is to learn to cope with the increasing work pressure with a laugh. A stressed person can never become mature in his work nor can he achieve success in achieving his goal. Mental stress pushes life into such a hell, from which it is very difficult for a person to get out.

Often, as soon as we start any work, we get tensed by being suspicious of its success or failure. When this stress persists for a long time, then anxiety turns into ‘depression’. Having tension leads to fear arising in us, lack of self-confidence, inability to think calmly.

Once you are in the clutches of stress, it will keep troubling you all the time and it will deviate your confidence and if this happens then believe that it makes you successful or unsuccessful in some field.

Whenever a doubt arises in our mind, we should immediately think to ourselves that “Why am I getting weak?” Conquer yourself by reasoning with yourself and regain your confidence.

As long as your confidence is strong, you won’t be stressed about the biggest problem. Anyway, until we do not put all our energies in some work, that work is not completed. The harder the job, the more conviction and constant effort it requires. It is also true that nothing is impossible in the face of confidence, determination and hard work.

In today’s time, one should always stay away from the enemy called ‘stress’ and leave the thought of success-failure and awaken faith in your self-power.

So friends, the basic mantra to lead a successful life is to learn to fight with stress and never let stress overwhelm you. It all depends on us how we handle ourselves in such situation.                                              

                                                                   ( Best of Luck for The New Life.)


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