“The person who keeps on moving forward in life even when he is alone, he goes ‘miles’ ahead of others.”

Everyone has to face difficulties at some point of time. Because of this many times we get disappointed. Then we should think that such situations come with everyone in life, which only the one who face it boldly finally succeeds. Sometimes in life you get the happiness of victory and sometimes you get the sorrow of defeat. Now it is up to us how we face defeat because it is certain that victory after defeat is not destined without struggle.

I agree that there is no substitute for hard work and truth. There are struggles and difficulties in everyone’s life, but with our hard work and honesty, we come out of that phase and reach our destination. ‘Success’ cannot be achieved without hard work, no matter what, he has to ‘work hard’ to reach his ‘target’.

If you have the passion to achieve your goal and work hard then no one can stop your success. Immerse yourself in your work and unite day and night, then see the sky is open for you. If you are hardworking you can do anything.

Wins and losses go on in life, but we should never deviate from our principles. Even if a bad time comes in life, you will be able to cope well with it due to your values. Just look at your goal There is no such person in the world who is never defeated but this defeat also goes with a lesson and we should learn from defeat.

If a person takes failure in the right way, then he moves forward in two directions. One, he ‘improves’ his work and secondly, becomes better as a good person. 

Just as the hard ground is first plowed with the tip of the ‘plow’ for sowing, similarly the seeds of our success are sown by ‘struggle’. The weeds of our errors are selectively removed and our shortcomings are removed so that they are not repeated. Until our efforts lead to success, we must fight.

No matter how long the journey of struggle goes on. We can control our own destiny provided we have determination. We should not be afraid and we take every step with full understanding.

Actually, the habit of thinking and working also gives us strength and direction. Positive thinking protects and develops our ‘will-power’ and our relentless action.

No matter what the circumstances in life, don’t get discouraged. Frustration breeds negative thinking. So always remain ‘optimistic’ and give place to positive thoughts in your life. Throw out the negative thoughts from your mind, only then our ‘will-power’ will get stronger.

In the absence of willpower, even simple tasks become complicated. It has a big hand in getting us success, provided we keep working with our whole heart. Keep up your efforts, that means we keep on fighting. For this it is necessary that we keep ourselves completely healthy and active at the mental and physical level.

Never let passivity come in your life at any level so that the struggle will have to be reduced and success will come soon.

Friends, remember that nothing in life is achieved without hard work, without struggle.

( Best Of Luck For the New Life.)


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