“No job is stressful, your inability to manage body, mind and emotions makes it stressful.”

Life is not just about living, life is a feeling, every moment of which should be lived happily. The same few people spend their whole life, but they do not understand till the end what is the meaning of life. Stress is a common problem these days. Everyone experiences it at some point in life. Sometimes the symptoms of stress are easily recognized, sometimes we do not recognize them. First of all need to know what is stress? Stress is an emotional and physical response to change.

Stress happens to everyone often but stress can be positive and energizing or can cause health problems.

Stress that lasts for a short period of time may not affect you, but stress that lasts for a long time can affect you! Simply put, the effect that a rapidly changing environment has on the body and mind is called stress. Stress has an effect on our body and mental health, generally we have been hearing that stress is harmful for us.

But it can harm us physically and mentally and you know stress can be necessary for us too. Stress is like a distraction in a person’s life which brings nothing but hindrances in the life of a person.

The pressure of work is there on everyone, but the person who bears this pressure by laughing, stress never becomes a hindrance in his life. With the changing environment, the lifestyle of people has also changed drastically and it is common to feel stressed in this competitive era. The most effective way to stay stress free is to learn to cope with the changing work pressure with a laugh.

If seen, stress affects our life in two ways, in a positive and negative way. While in a positive way it can contribute to your progress and better performance at work, in a negative way it can cause problems for you physically and mentally.


When we are upset about something and think about it for a long time or when we feel that we are no longer able to control a situation then it can be harmful for us. That is, the negative stress kept in the mind for a long time has a negative effect on us and spoils the work.

But if experts are to be believed, short-term stress can be good for us. It can help us perform better and motivates us to do our best.

Stress is also helpful in improving our mental ‘performance’. Stress is usually caused by too much workload, lack of personal time and thinking unnecessarily. For this it is very important that the stress is dealt with in the right way and do not let it overwhelm you.

It prepares our body to fight stress or run away from it. During positive stress one can experience positive changes around them and a positive stress helps to channelize the energy concentrated in a positive level.



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