Often we all want happiness in our life and run after them, but what is happiness and where does it reside, most of the people don’t know. It is our nature to be happy, when we throw out all the ‘uncomfortable’ feelings from inside us and all that is left inside us is happiness.

Being happy does not mean that there is no sorrow in our life. Being happy is an ‘art’ and whoever gets it enjoys life to the fullest. When we smile, the people associated with us are seen laughing too. To maintain our happiness, we need to make the environment around us happy. If we do that, life automatically becomes easier.

Often knowingly or unknowingly, we ourselves are responsible for our being happy or not. If our focus point is on one negative thing, then surely it affects our life too. In moments of sadness, you start feeling isolated and if that mood is good, then you start paying attention to even the smallest things related to yourself.

If you get a chance to laugh, don’t miss it, you laugh so much that the world laughs with you because laughing doesn’t require a language and there’s no way to do it. Whenever you want, wherever you want, you should laugh openly.

A loud laugh, refreshes us in a jiffy and we start feeling relaxed. The function of laughter is not only to keep you happy but in stressful life people are prone to various diseases like blood pressure, sleeplessness, depression etc. and in these diseases ‘laughter therapy’ can solve these problems. Laughter therapy has many benefits, such as

1. Laughing keeps the heart happy and it also develops immunity in the body.

2. Laughing reduces our mental stress level, which makes us feel ‘relaxed’.

3. Laughing strengthens ‘immunity’, as well as maintains balance between body and mind.

4. Laughing strengthens the facial muscles and brings a glow to the face.

5. Laughter also affects the stomach muscles, which makes the appetite feel good.

6. Laughter increases the ability of the lungs to absorb air and supply more oxygen to the body, thereby reducing the severity of various diseases.

7. When the stomach is stressed by laughing loudly, it causes internal exercise of our body, after which the muscles of our body get more relaxation and due to this the heart is also exercised.

8. Makes you social through this, you connect with more and more people and people around you have the advantage of being happy, the stress level of others with you through social interaction falls short.

In the end, I will say this “Life is not just a name to live, but life is a feeling, every moment of which should be lived happily.”



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