Good sleep is necessary for a healthy body.

The relation between sleep and health is very old. Improving your sleep schedule can lead to better health. Getting enough sleep at night is extremely important for health. Sleep is a biological process by which the body prepares for the next day’s activities.

Nowadays, due to reasons like work busyness, running, stress, illness, sleep gets interrupted. Along with this, problems like anxiety and depression increase. Sleep is as important for our health as nutritious food, but we do not give as much importance to sleep as it should be given. For this, it is necessary that sleep is completed properly because on this our daily mental and physical health rests.

Lack of sleep is the cause of many diseases:

Lack of sleep causes many diseases. Due to less sleep, there is an increased risk of insomnia, weight gain, diabetes, depression, hormone imbalance and heart related diseases. Along with this, the risk of memory loss also increases due to lack of sleep for a long time.

What to do for better sleep:

The routine of waking up late at night and sleeping late in the morning may seem comfortable to you, but it has a big side effect on your health. There are some important tips we can follow to have a good sleep and keep ourselves healthy. As if

# Whenever you go to sleep in your bedroom, turn off the light of the room so that there is no disturbance.

# Along with this, you should sleep only wearing loose and comfortable clothes.

# Your sleeping place should be quiet.

# Your sleep can also be affected by checking mobile, watching movies etc. while sleeping. Also, if you want to sleep early, you will have to give up the habit of watching TV for a long time, being busy on the Internet or social networks. Also, if you have to cut back for good health, then do so.

# Medicines that cause sleep should be avoided because it becomes a habit.

How many hours of sleep is necessary:

Sleep depends on the age of the person how much sleep he should get. 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day is sufficient for teenagers, adults and middle aged people. Although there is a natural decrease in sleep with age and the quality of sleep deteriorates, as well as a sudden reduction in the number of hours of sleep, do consult a doctor.

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