The medicine for your illness may be making you even sicker!

Often knowingly or unknowingly, we make such mistakes, due to which medicines become a problem instead of curing the disease.

Medicine is a substance that you drink or exhale to cure a disease. It is often seen that people are not serious about the use of medicines and that is the reason why the disease which takes a few days to cure, takes months to cure due to non-regular use of medicines. But did you know that the medicine for your illness can make you even sicker. If a medicine is taken repeatedly without thinking, then you can become a victim of some more serious problems by consuming it. Along with this, the side effects of this medicine remain in the patient for many years, but the patient remains unaware of this.

Often people start taking any medicine from the medical store without thinking on their own without consulting the doctor. If you have been told by a doctor to take some medicine for a certain period of time, do not ignore it. Along with this, whenever the doctor gives you any medicine, be sure to know about the side effects of that medicine.

Along with this, keep in mind some special things

Take medicine only on the advice of a doctor:

Medicines should always be consumed only after consulting a skilled doctor, along with this excessive use of high dose drugs damages the liver. Also, if the dosage of medicines is not taken in the right quantity, then that medicine can cause harm instead of benefiting in the disease.

Do not make a habit of medicines:

It is often seen that people are not serious about medicines, but once they get relief from the medicine, they start using it even without any doctor’s advice. They not only use it themselves but also recommend it to others when the time comes. Which is not correct. Along with this, excessive habit of using medicines has a wrong effect on the body.

Before consuming medicines on an empty stomach:

Mistakes made regarding the consumption of medicines often make people more sick. Because after mixing in the blood, the medicines cause many hormonal changes on the body. If medicines are consumed on an empty stomach, it often becomes harmful. That’s why the medicine that the doctor asks to be taken on an empty stomach, take them only on an empty stomach.

Do not use other’s medicines:

Everyone’s body reaction is different. Not necessarily the medicine that is benefiting another person. May it be beneficial for you too. That’s why don’t consume other’s medicine in haste even by mistake.

Next time you want to take medicine for the treatment of any disease, do not take it without consulting a doctor. After all, the question is about your health.

“Happiness is the best medicine for good health.”

By Satya

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