Some people have a lot of difficulties in their life, and some have a lot of things to enjoy life. No matter how rich you are, or poor ,you have a mind and soul to think and do what makes you a hero. Think positively always and you will become a hero.
       “ Some decisions have to be taken very ‘Hard’ in life, and believe that this ‘Decision’ changes the ‘Attitude’ of life.”

     “ A ‘Human’ is not valued by his expensive clothes but by his Good ‘Deed’.”

              “ A person is not ‘intelligent’ when he starts talking big things but rather he is ‘wish’ when he starts understanding small things.”

    “ Never ‘hate’  thoes who are ‘Jealous’ of you because these are the people who ‘think’ that you are better than them.”

            “ Often ‘able’ people neither press nor suppress anyone, they also know a lot of ‘answer’, but who keep a stone in the ‘mud’, they keep quiet.”

      “  Friends, a great person is recognized by his ‘tongue’ and ‘deeds’, otherwise good things are written on the ‘walls’ too.”

         “ Always remember one thing in life 1% ‘negative thought’ kills 99% of your ‘positive energy’.”

      “ Often in ‘life’ everyone lives by ‘trusting’ someone, always try to never break the ‘faith’ of those who believe in you.”

       “ No matter how human, small, fat, blonde, black, it doesn’t matter but his story should be tremendous.”

        “ Include a friend in life who stays with you by becoming a ‘mirror’ and a ‘shadow’ because the mirror never lies and leaves the shadow together.”

          “ Friends, live every moment of your life happy because every evening, not only the sun sets but your precious life too.”

           “ Friends, do not expect from others because the world does not think about you the way you think about yourself.”

     “ Always keep such a person, who has given you these three things as a gift, ‘with’, ‘Time’ and ‘Dedication’.”

       “ Friends, remember one thing in life, ‘success’ always comes from good thoughts and good ideas meet good ‘people’.”

    “ ‘Grief’ and ‘suffering’ is a laboratory created by God, where your ‘ability’ and ‘confidence’ are tested.”

               “ Always remember one thing in life that there are ‘drawbacks’ in everyone, but the ‘eyesight’ only comes in others.”

          “  Friends, always like people in life whose heart is more beautiful than face.”

      “ Friends, stay  with family forever because this is the only place where we are accepted with all our shortcomings.”

     “ Sometimes it is good to come out of some relationship, not for ‘Ego’ but for ‘Self Respect’.”

       “ Life does not change in one minute, but a decision taken after one minute changes the whole life.”

      “ When people start ‘copying’ you, then understand that you are ‘succeeding’ in life.”

        “ Friends, we should always be happy because tomorrow’s trouble does not go away due to upset, but today’s peace definitely goes away.”

          “ Don’t trick someone into thinking how ‘stupid’ he is, but think of how much he ‘trusted’ you.”

         “ Do not mind if someone ‘ignores’ you because a person often ‘ignores’ expensive things.”

       “ Friends, in this world we may not come again, so live life in such a way that there is no desire to come again.”


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