If you want to be happy, and not just for one day, focus on the things that will help you remain positive over time. Because a positive attitude can do more than just make you feel good, it could also change your life.

      “ This world is a ‘forest’ in which you have only two options, either you hunt or you become a victim yourself.”

         The same habit of time is very good as it passes. Whether a successful person is happy or nor, but a successful person becomes successful.”

     “ In today’s world, those who speak the truth are the most hated because not everyone dares to hear the truth.”

     “ Respect is an investment that we get as much interest as we give to others.”

       “ The nature of a human being is that he values anything of anyone two times- ‘before he meets’ and ‘after he loses’.”

      “ People say that you can never be happy alone in life, but I think that loneliness in life teaches us the true meaning of living life.”

      “ When a picture can come out with a smile of a few seconds, why can’t life be good by always smiling.”
      “ Always try to avoid small mistakes, because man stumbles with stones, not from mountains.”

     “ A person moving forward never harms anyone, but he who harms others never moves forward.”

  “ Trust is such a thing that there is no sound when it is broken, but its echo is heard throughout life.”

   “ Memories are like fragrance, no matter how many windows close the doors and come in with a gust of wind.”

        “ Two powers are needed to be happy in life – one is endurance and the other is the power of understanding.”

      “ Daily status, change does not change life, a status is enough to change life.”

      “ No person comes into the world as our friend or enemy, our behavior and words only makes people friends and enemies.”

    “ No matter how good a person’s financial condition is, but to enjoy life properly, his mental state must be good.”

   “ If a person is jealous of you then it is not his bad habit but your ability which compels him to do this work.”

      “ Relationships, love, friendship are found everywhere but this is where they get their respect.”

    “ Whether the face is good or not, the human’s destiny and behavior should be good.”

   “ In the market of relationship, nowadays people are always found alone who are true to heart and tongue.”

           “ Whatever your ‘entry’ into the world, the ‘exit’ should always be fantastic.”

  “ There are more parents than God because God gives both happiness and sorrow but parents only give happiness.”

  “ If you have got life, then show it by doing something better, do not waste time just by passing time because once the time has passed, it will not come again, we will keep on crying but life will not be repaired again.”

          “ Someone asked an angry person what is anger? He answered very gracefully that to punish himself for the mistake of others.”

            “ For how long you will keep looking at other luxurious bungalows and expensive vehicles in a slanting eye, how long friend, if you want all that, first of all stop betraying yourself and join in making yourself capable.”

      “ Always like people whose heart is more beautiful than face.”


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