Every decision we make in life. We should stick to that, many times it happens that we get into feelings and take some decisions which we later regret. Many times such decisions hurt us so much that they have to bear the brunt of their of their lives. We should not take any decision in a hurry. Whenever such a situation comes, the decision should be taken only after thinking about their situation completely. We should be alert to these circumstances because one wrong decision can change the course of our life. So, please motivate yourself………

 “ Don’t  make fun of anyone’s future by looking at the present situation, because tomorrow has so much power that it can turn a small piece of coal into Diamonds.”

“ Those who start the journey, they also attain the destination. It is important to have the courage to walk just once, because even good people wait for their way.”

“ A person who has the ability to bring happiness on the face of others. May God never let the happiness in their life diminish.”

“ Treat people well while rising high in life, because if you ever come down, you will face these people.”

“ Life is not short, people start living late. By the time the paths are understood, it is time to return.”

“ Believe in someone so much that they feel guilty when they cheat on you and love someone so much that they always have the fear of losing you.”

“ A good person is never mean, just get away from those who do not appreciate him.”

“ If there is any mistake with a good person, bear it because even if the pearl falls in the garbage, it will remain precious.”

“ Never play with anyone’s feelings, maybe you win this game, but it is sure that you will lose that person forever.”

 Never allow yourself to be weak because people often close the doors of homes after seeing the setting sun.”

“ If you are not enthusiastic about any goal that opens your sleep every morning, then you are not living but cutting life.”

“ Life is very strange, sometimes defeat sometimes wins. Have the desire to touch the depths of the sea, life just starts at the shore.”

“ If you want to become successful and prestigious, then learn to bend because those who do not bow down, the wind of time bends them.”

“ Man should never lose courage because till today, the river originating from the mountains has not asked anyone on the way how far the sea is.”

“ The biggest thing inside pride is that it will never let you feel that you are wrong.”

“ One who is never familiar with conflict, is never discussed. Every single storm in life does not come to harm but some storms also come to clear the ways.”

“ Every person is aware of his pain and suffering, yet he is happy because he has faith in his future.”

“ Who decides to meet you in life? Who you want in life, it makes your heart decide. But who will be with you in life, it determines your behavior.”

“ The one who wins in front of the world is not only the winner, but also the one who knows when and where to lose in front of the relationship is also the winner.”

“ If you break any faith, thank him too because he teachers that faith must be done very carefully.”

“ God does not give you what you like, but gives what is good for you.”

“ Let us assume for a moment that the decisions written in luck do not change, but if you take the decisions, do you know that luck will change.”

“ Do not consider those who do not answer nonsense weak, friends, it is those intelligent people who never get stung in the mud. Therefore their hearts and clothes are always clean and immaculate.”

“ When someone talks angrily in front of you, listen to it silently because an angry person often tells the truth.”

“ Life should always live like a flower, which gives fragrance to others and breaks are also for others.”

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