Motivation is a driving force which affects the choice of alternatives in the behaviors of a person. it improves, stimulates and induces people leading to goal oriented behavior.

   ” Do not make fun of anyone’s future by looking at the present situation, because tomorrow has so much power, that it can turn even a small piece of coal into a Diamond.”

  ” Successful people put only two things on their face, smile and silence. Smile – to solve issues and Silence – to stay away from issues.”

 ” People want to be successful, but when the opportunity comes to do something, they are not able to dare to change themselves because they spend their lives in search of good opportunities.”

    ” Have a relationship with a good person more than a good time because a good person can bring good times, but good times cannot bring good people.”

   ” No matter how many good books you read in life, listen to many good words, but until you adopt them in your life, it will not be of any use.”

  ” You should give importance to everyone in life, because those who are good will support and those who are bad will give lessons.”

   ” If you just waste your time in unnecessary tasks, then believe me you are not born to do anything big.”

    ” We do not see things the way that they are, rather we see things the way we are.”

  ” Do not ask when life gives happiness because there are complaints too, to whom life gives everything.”

   ” Be so busy in life that there is no time for regret, sorrow and hate. Remember, the empty person remains the most unhappy in life.”

    ” Even after the ups and downs in life, if a person does not leave you, then always respect that person.”

   ” Life is too short, whether you live laugh or live crying, you will have to live in every situation and if you have to live in every situation, then why not live life by being happy.”

   ” In today’s era, relationships are not solved because people get entangled with their own people by coming to the talks of others.”

    ” Never fall in anyone’s eyes because a person who forgives, but he does not have the same love and respect in his heart.”

   ” The special thing about life is that you know the importance of something only when that thing starts to get away from you and from your life.”

       ” Time is testing, sometimes in the form of circumstances, sometimes in the form of compulsions, luck just sees your ability. Never compare yourself to anyone in life because you are the best you are.”

   ” It is easy to run into difficulties, every aspect is a test of life. The scared one gets nothing in life, ‘the world’ it happens in to the footsteps of the fighters.”

     ” God says I don’t make anyone’s fate, everyone makes their own fate. You will get the result of what you are doing today and tomorrow, your fate is the result of your earlier deeds.”

     ” The foolish person is so blind in his desire to ruin others that he does not realize his own ruin.”

    ” Do not boast, fortune changes in life. The mirror remains the same, just the picture keeps changing. Do not raise your voice to listen to others, rather make your personality so high that people wait to hear you.”

   ” Never take the test of good people because they are like ‘mercury’ they do not break when you hurt them, but slip away quietly and get out of your life.”

     ” Difficulties come only in the part of the best people because those people have the strength to do it better.”

    ” The experience of life is not there, but it is known so much, the little man comes to work on a big occasion, and the elder man shows up on small matters.”

   ” Humans change homes, cloths change, relationships change, yet why bother? Because he doesn’t change himself.”

     ” Today if there is any misery in life, then remember one thing, to get a good life one has to fight against the bad days.”

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