Motivation is the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal oriented behaviors. So motivate yourself.

    “ It is not necessary that in life we will have to bear 
the pain due to bad deeds, many times we have to pay the price for being too Good.”

  “ If we want to move forward in life, we often have to change the way our life is going.”

          “ The best relationship in the world is the one where a light smile and a small apology make life come back to life.”

            “ Let’s assume for a moment that the written decision of luck cannot be changed, if you take the decision, do you know that luck will change.”

        “ Difficulties in life do not come to ruin us, but it helps us to take out our hidden ‘strengths’ and ‘powers’. Let the difficulties know that you are more difficult than that.”

    “ You should always be so small that everyone can sit with you and you should be so big that when you get up, no one is sitting.”

     “ Try that every moment of life goes well because life does not last, but good memories always live.”

      “ Life stands to take our ‘Test’ at every turn, we must be ready at all times for this ‘Test’ of life.”

   “ Many people ‘Fail’ even after having ‘passion’ because they waste time thinking that we have a lot of time, I will start tomorrow.”

 “ There will be many difficulties in life, but never complain, because ‘God’ is such a ‘Director’ who gives the most difficult role to the best actor.”

  “ Tell your weaknesses to  the same people who know how to stand firm with you in any situation, because if ‘trust’ in ‘relationship’ and if there is no network in mobile, then people start playing Games.”

 “ Do not like those people who make you happy by praising them falsely, but also like those people who tell the truth, even if they annoy you for some time, but go through life by learning right.”

 “ Do not depend too much on anyone in the world, because when you are in someone’s shadow, you do not see your shadow.”

 “ It is not important to see who is ahead of us or who is behind, it should also be seen who is with us and with whom we are. Being connected is not a big deal but staying connected is a big deal.”

 “ If a person who apologizes to you even if he is not at fault, then understand that the person either has an expectation from you or that person does not want to lose you.”

 “ Do not panic in life because the beginning of a struggle is painful, but it ends in a pleasant way.”

 “ Your decision determine the path of your victory, your right or wrong decisions decide way your life will go.”

 “ The personality of any person only improves when he is successful in keeping not only those around him but also everyone who comes in contact with him.”

 “ Value your ‘relationship’ and ‘money’ equally because both are difficult to earn but it is very easy to lose.”

 “ What do you do when people ask? So actually they calculate how much you have to respect.”

 “ Often people say you struggle we are with you. If people were really together then there would be no need for struggle.”

 The people who give you the best advice in difficult times, those people have seen the worst time in their life.”

“ Who kept the account, how much was given and who saved how much. So ‘God’ put easy math, send everyone empty handed and called empty handed.”

 “ Some people in life also meet such people who, despite being ignorant, give more affection and respect than their own and some even cheat themselves.”

 “ Admittedly, you cannot change one’s ‘destiny’ but you can guide someone by giving good ‘inspiration’.
 ‘God’ says, if ever you get a chance in life, be 
‘charioteer’, not ‘selfish.”


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