This is the fourth part of Motivational Quotes, Today we will share with you some such Motivational Quotes and Thoughts which if you implement in your personal life, then you will surely progress towards success.

 ” Do what you want to do in life. Do not think what people will say because people say something even when you do nothing.”

 ” Never boast on any of your skills in life because when a stone falls into water, it sinks with its own weight.”

” Never leave hope in life because you can never know what tomorrow is going to bring for you.”

” Trust is such a thing that no sound is heard when it breaks, but its ‘Echo’ is heard throughout life.”

”  Always remember one thing in life, your ‘heart’ is very valuable, so try to remain in it, which is capable of living.”

”  If you are getting ‘Success’ late than others, do not be sad because small houses are built quickly, but it takes time to build ‘Palace’.”

”  A person is not as sad by making mistakes in life, as he thinking about those mistakes again and again.”

”  If you want to do anything different in life, move away from the crowd because the crowd gives courage, but takes away your identity.”

”  Never compromise with the things in your life that are most important to you.”

 ” How much you are right and how wrong, two people know all about you. The first ‘GOD’ and the second your ’CONSCIENCE’. And surprisingly, we do not see both.”

 ” Life is like an ‘ICE CREAM’, if you waste it will melt and if you test it will melt. So do not waste your life, test it.”

” They say, if time is with you, you can ‘Tilt’ the world but this time also supports us only when we appreciate it.”

”  Try that every moment of life goes well because life does not last,but good memories always live.”

” Trust yourself, one learns from the birds because when they go back to ‘Ghosla’ in the evening, there is no ‘Food’ for tomorrow in their ‘beak’.”

” Do not think too much worse than a good person, because if beautiful glass breaks, sharp weapons are made.”

   ” If your thoughts start to be purified by someone’s company, then understand that he is not an ordinary person.”

” Do not raise your voice to listen to others, rather make your personality so high that people will wait to hear you.”

” Make life so glorious that by remembering you, even the eyes of a depressed person will shine.”

” Make decisions in every situation, because even after failing, the power of your decision has the potential to affect life in a moment.”

” The beauty of life is not in how happy we are, but in how many people are happy with us.” 

” If you are a good man but do not have money, then there will be no value in your society.”

” The person who brings softness in nature, the same person succeeds because when the ‘Thunderstorm’ comes, the flexible tree always stays.”

 ” The special thing about life is that you come to know the importance of something only when that thing starts to get away from you and from your life.”

” Never ignore someone who cares for you a lot, or someday you will realize that while accumulating stones, you have lost the ‘Diamond’.”

  ” There are some relationships in life, which are not obedient to any position or reputation, they are based on the foundation of affection and trust.”


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